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Custom manufacturing of the dynamic mixers for trimix and nitrox. The design is made of polished stainless steel. The compressor output is taken into account during the process of fulfillment of the order. The oxygen and helium percentage measurement in the trimix mixer is made with the help of oxygen sensors. The following operation video guide shows how to use nitrox mixer (the connection and adjustment of trimix mixer is identical). The following procedure for the calculation of trimix mixer sensor indications will help to calculate the desirable mixture. This kind of mixer can serve both for trimix and nitrox preparation. The electronics housing is also made of stainless steel. The indicator with blue illumination and easy readable symbols is installed, which helps not to strain the eyes even from a distance. The mixer has ergonomic accurate alibration. It is powered by batteries of 9V Block Battery type. The accuracy of the received gas mixture is limited to oxygen sensor errors and equals to 1%. The design is easy-to-use.


                          Trimix mixer                                                                                      Nitrox mixer


   The weight of Trimix mixer ~ 4 kg

   The weight of Nitrox mixer ~ 3 kg


 The Kit includes::

1. Needle valves.

2. Electronic module with oxygen sensors.

3. Air filter.

4. Hoses of gas inlet from needle valves to atomizers.

5. Hoses of gas inlet to needle valves – 5m.

6. Oxygen and helium pressure reducer for tank of 40 lts.

7. Adapter DIN (between oxygen reducer and tank with DIN fixing) for Nitrox mixer.

8. Depending on the compressor output, mixers are equipped with connections for the flexible hoses with the diameter of 25, 32 and 40 mm. for the connection with compressor intake flare.


                         Formula for Trimix mixer adjustment.


  Step 1. Inject helium to the second stage.

                                                       X2 = 21 - (21 / 100 x Pне )


     X2 - oxygen sensor readings in the second stage after the helium injection (prior to oxygen injection).

     21 - the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere.

     Рне - the percentage of helium in the desired mixture.


 Step 2. Inject oxygen to the first stage.

                                                       Х1 = (Ро х 100) / (100 - Рне)


      Х1 - oxygen sensor readings in the first stage (after oxygen injection).

      Ро - the percentage of oxygen in the desired mixture.

Step 3.

      As the oxygen sensor readings (in the first stage) approaches from 21 to X1, the sensor readings X2 will be automatically changed by X3.


     Х3 - the percentage of oxygen in the desired mixture.


    Operation video guide for Nitrox dynamic mixer, 2 parts (nonprofessional video). 


       The advantages of the method of gas mixture preparation with the help of dynamic mixer.

1. It is a safer method than the partial pressure (overflow) method; working with oxygen at low pressure.

2. The usage of gases from 2-5 bar tanks.

3. It saves you time: you spend 2-5 times less than when using the partial pressure method (you can refill few tanks at once).

4. High accuracy of gas preparation (the oxygen sensor errors are limited).

5. The oxygen prepared tanks are not required.

6. Easy-to-use.


The oxygen analyzer production.


High impact corrosion resistant housing is made of stainless steel. LCD screen with blue illumination and easy readable symbols. The Nozzle (flow limiter) sensor is tank valve. The diameter of calibration hole is made in such a way, that the speed of gas mixture (rate of opening of the tank valve) does not affect the device readings. Measurement error does not depend on the percentage of oxygen and temperature of the gas mixture and equals to 0.1% (limited to sensor errors).  High impact waterproof plastic box. Sensors can be used with the output voltage of 7-24 mV. and having a 3,5 mm mono jack. The rear panel has a rough adjustment for the transition from one type of sensor to another. So for example, it is possible to use R-17(S,D,VAN), PSR-11-39JD and SS-11A. The device is equipped with an oxygen sensor was originally PSR-11-39JD (diving). Dated test results (manufacturer Analytic Industries) are included with each sensor.


   Lightweight model of oxygen analyzer (avio option)

Technical specifications are the same as those in the previous device.

Lightweight and soft box, made of Cordura. Plastic housing. Plastic nozzle (flow limiter). The weight of gas analyzer in complete set is 190 grams.



The manufacturing of steel plates (backs). The material is 3 mm food grade stainless steel.



                                                                                                                         Option for travel. Weignt - 1,1 kg.



       Single tank adapter. 


                                                                                                          Mini - adapter.

The manufacturing of twin tank bands. The possible diameters of tanks are 171, 185 and 203 mm. It is possible to order the individual sizes.


                                                                                                             The Kit includes:

rings  2 pcs The material is 1.5 mm food grade stainless steel
studs  2 pcs. the length of the order   stainless steel
flange nut  2 pcs.   stainless steel
cap nut  2 pcs.   stainless steel
butterfly nut   2 pcs.

  stainless steel

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